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We are a certified Employment Agency that has been operating on the Polish and European labour market for many years.
We have extensive experience recruiting for various industries.

We have been building our position of a reliable and good employer for years, guided by the principle that we care about our employees and clients

We are constantly increasing what is the most important at our work: the human resource database. Our good position is confirmed by the fact that many of our former employees want to come back to cooperate with us, and often recommend our company to their friends and family.

Knowing how important it is to have knowledge about available human resources for planning production processes therefore we do not promise miracles but we inform you about current possibilities.

We talk directly about the fact that we are interested in cooperation on simple and transparent terms and on fair play towards clients and employees.

The recruiting world has no borders for us

The candidates recruited by us come mainly from Poland, but also from other countries such as Ukraine, where we have a wide network of contacts, as well as from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Armenia and Georgia.

For our international clients we have ability to recruit employees and specialists in all European countries as well as in the USA and Canada.

We guarantee clear and transparent rules of cooperation. For each of our clients we are looking for the best solutions tailored to their needs and capabilities.

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