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Employee outsourcing allows for quick supplementation of staffing needs during times of increased production or in response to fortuitous events. It allows you to obtain employ­ees without incurring any additional costs.

The contracted individual provides a particular service, e.g. welding, plumbing, engineering or any other specialty. We carefully select an employee best suited to the job requirements which are established by the client. All work is conducted under the management and according to the procedures of the client ordering the service.

We have a multi-thousand name database of professionals at our disposal including: welders, CNC machine op­erators, electricians, fitters, ironworkers, construction workers, storage and logistic workers, forklift operators and more.



  • immediate response to resources shortages
  • we provide comprehensive administrative services connected with a employee
  • no recruitment costs of new employees and their management of HR administrative requirements
  • full HR administration obligations to the employees remains the responsibility of Workingo
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