Temporary work

(Polski) gdy zapotrzebowanie na pracę ma charakter okresowy

Temporary work (Try & hire) is a service that allows you to flexibly adjust workforce to your changing needs. Cooperation in this field is governed by the Temporary Work Act and is characterized by a tripartite relationship between Workingo, the employer (our client) and the temporary employee.
Try and hire allows the verification of new employees abilities without the need to incur the costs normally associated with it. All administra­tive matters related to temporary employment remain the responsibility of Workingo. Within the trial period, the selected candidate remains our temporary employee at the clients premises. Upon positive verification, the temporary employee becomes a full time employee of the client. If however, the outcome is negative, we provide another candidate.

The advantages of the Try and Hire service are mutual. You are given the opportunity to verify the employee without the necessity to hire them. The employee, on the other hand, is highly motivated in view of the potential opportunity for full time employment and is able to assess the attractiveness of the offered position and the working environment.


  • Flexible adaptation of the company to changes in the volume of orders and the market situation
  • No formalities connected with the hiring of an em­ployee for a trial period
  • The possibility to verify an employee without the necessity to hire him directly
  • Obtaining a highly motivated employee
  • The possibility to try out of many employees
  • Instant employee adaptation after hiring